2825 4 1/2 Mile Road, Racine, Wisconsin 53402, United States


Mocha Lisa Coffeehouse

Mocha Lisa CoffeehouseMocha Lisa Coffeehouse

Our Story

Before 2004 where could one find coffee on the northside of Racine? No where

Mocha Lisa Coffeehouse was developed out of a need for our own coffee enjoyment.  We wanted a place to go for a cup of joe that was relaxing and as enjoyable as having a cup in our own home.


Located in an 100 year old farmhouse, Mocha Lisa is Racine's original coffeehouse. We offer a warm and intimate setting that is unmatched by other coffeeshops. 

Our passion is supporting local artists, craftsmen, and small businesses by featuring their work in the shop. Keeping it local, ya know?

The great atmosphere and friendly staff make this the perfect place to catch up with friends, do some work, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee! 

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