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 Mocha Lisa Events

Jammin with James • Thursdays • 6-9pm Open Mic Night with James Campeaux
Open Labor Day 8a - 2p !!!
  • M&M Frappe ~ red & yellow & green oh my!
  • Peach or Strawberry or Wild Berry Cream Smoothies
  • Iced Campout Mocha ~ no sticks required
  • Arnold Palmer ~ golfing & mixologist genius
  • Banana Pudding Latte
  • Orange Italian Soda ~ you had me at "orange"

Mocha Lisa Express
Open Mon - Fri 8a - 5p, Sat 8a - 5p, Sun 9a - 2p
Inside the Piggly Wiggly - 5201 Washington Ave., Racine
Coffees of the day for Friday, August 29*
According to legend, the French philosopher and author Voltaire drank fifty cups of coffee per day. Had he tasted this satisfying blend of East Indies coffees, he would have needed only twenty! Our Voltaire delivers a rich and spicy cup with incredible body, balanced acidity, and a sweet, lingering aftertaste. Legendary, like the man himself.
Del Sol
Sometimes we need a little help waking up, and that’s where Del Sol comes in. The combination of light and medium-roasted coffees creates a dynamic cup with the sweet, pronounced acidity to pry open our eyes, and just enough full, smooth body to prop us up. Whether enjoyed with breakfast or while running out the door, you can always count on Del Sol to start your day with a little shine.
Decaf Velo
This dark roasted blend of coffees is for those of you who want the smoky flavor and aroma of French Roast without the caffeine.
* Coffees of the day are subject to change based on demand and how fast you guys gulp it down!

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Located in an 100 year old farmhouse, Mocha Lisa is Racine's original coffeehouse offers a full espresso bar drinks including: latte’, cappuccino, mocha, Americano, red eye and a wide assortment of specialty drinks such as Cherry Bomb mocha, Crème brûlée latte’ and Caramel macchiato (and many, many others!) - any of which could served hot OR cold.

We also have many non-coffee selections of blended drinks, teas and juices, bakery, oatmeal, soup and pasties. Located in an 100 year old farmhouse, Mocha Lisa is Racine's original coffeehouse. Hours and location maps; Alterra Coffee, Art in the Yard, wi-fi, bakery, barista and artist listings.
Alterra Coffee
Art in the Yard
2825 4 1/2 Mile Road Racine, WI 53402 US
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