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Danielle's Page

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Danielle *
aka Danielle
started to sling coffee 3/1/2016
body piercings and/or tattoos Nose & ears
favorite physical activity Yoga & hiking wisconsin trails
favorite drink Coconut lacroix with lime
favorite place on earth Anywhere in Wisconsin by a campfire with my husband & dog
favorite movie 180° South
favorite book The Giver - Lois Lowry
favorite song Currently: I Need A Forest Fire - James Blake & Bon Iver All time: Somersault - Zero 7
favorite band Zero 7
one piece or two Union Suit
sunrise or sunset Sunset
favorite sports team(s) Green Bay Packers
my passion is… My business, Little Pineapple Shoppe
I can’t leave the house without my… Sunglasses
this year, I am looking forward to… Being outdoors & creating
* Danielle is subject to change. Change - become different in essence; losing ones or its original nature.
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