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Zoe's Page

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Zoe *
aka ZoZo
started to sling coffee 4/1/2013
body piercings and/or tattoos All of them…
favorite physical activity Crawling into my bed
favorite drink Peach Iced Tea
favorite place on earth Door County, WI
favorite movie The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
favorite book The overpriced textbook I actually use
favorite song Head Over Boots - Jon Pardi
favorite band Rubber
one piece or two 1.5
sunrise or sunset Night Sky
favorite sports team(s) Chicago Blackhawks & Green Bay Packers
my passion is… Being at the shop when I'm not working
I can’t leave the house without my… Feet
this year, I am looking forward to… Whatever is in front of me
* Zoe is subject to change, so be prepared.
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