Menu, Bakery, Soup, Pasties - Mocha Lisa Coffeehouse - Racine, Wisconsin
Mocha Lisa Coffeehouse - Racine, Wisconsin

Bakery, Soup, Pasties - Oh My!

 Oatmeal   6-7 different flavors - made to order!
 Soup   many, many flavors to warm you up - made to order!
 Pasties   An U.P. favorite - yummy
Mocha Lisa's normal bakery selection*
Banana Chocolate ChipChocolate Chunk
Banana WalnutChocolate Cream Cheese
BranCranberry Walnut
EverythingSundried Tomato Basil
PlainWhole wheat
Cherry AlmondCinnamon Pecan
Chocolate AlmondHeath Chocolate Chip
Chocolate ChipOatmeal Raisin
CowboyPeanut Butter
BlueberryCranberry Almond
Chocolate CherryLowfat Raspberry
* Bakery is subject to change based on demand and how hungry everyone gets!
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